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Silkflex Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is selling products of Silkflex Polymers Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia, who are the leading Garment Printing Ink manufacturer at Malaysia with 1000 MT per month capacity having a state-of-the-art thermal reactor. Unlike other suppliers, their inks are manufactured and formulated in-house, from the polymer/resin right up to the final ink. Since the performance of the ink is almost completely depended on the properties of the polymers/resin, they are able to design and tailor-make polymers/inks for specific application and effect. Silkflex Polymers Sdn. Bhd. is in the list of nominated suppliers for PUMA, C&A and H&M, and is currently used by all major brands of apparel in the world including the recent expansion into European countries like Portugal, Turkey and Spain.